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If there is one thing we love about wine, it’s the way that it brings people together. Sharing a bottle of wine, whether over a dinner table or a romantic evening, is a tradition that we fully embrace. It creates experiences, allows us to enjoy the company of our favorite people, and gives us all the opportunity to settle down and suck the marrow out of life.

In a time when information moves fast and people are working harder than ever, we feel that it’s important to pause every once in a while to appreciate those who truly make a difference in our lives. That’s why we’ve built these pages, and that’s why we strive constantly to bring you the best with every product we release.

Whether discussing our current staff and employment opportunities or our forefathers who have instilled in us the backbone to create high-quality products, we’re thrilled to share our experiences with you.

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I have chosen to be a wedding photographer because I love people; I love seeing families come together, I love fashion and style.  When I see two people truly in love it reminds me what’s important in life . Love is powerful, and it fuels my passion and creativity. In my 20s after my mother passed away, I lost all of my photos of my parents and I.  I would give anything to have just one photo of my Mom and Dad, so I have made it my mission in life to make certain that never happens to anyone else.

Photography is a sacred and important thing. It just makes sense that we should do our very best to make every photo count. I believe there are no insignificant photographs, period. None. They all matter. They’re all important in one way or another.  I believe in what I do, I truly love people, I want to capture your memory so it can be shared for generations; to celebrate you, your inner beauty, your personality, your love.

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The Chamber - San Diego & East County

The Chamber - San Diego, East County

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1870 by Alonzo Horton with the mission to guide in the development of San Diego. At the time, the Chamber focused its efforts on several main priorities: bringing railroads into San Diego; encouraging settlement in the area; bringing fresh drinking water to residents; and supporting commerce in the harbor. The Chamber also played a critical role in bringing military bases into the region prior to World War I. It was these efforts that helped the military become a driving force for San Diego’s local economy.

Throughout San Diego’s history, the Chamber has made significant contributions to the San Diego we know and love. In 1909, Balboa Park stood as a mere 1,400 acres of sagebrush until the Chamber raised funds to make it one of San Diego’s largest tourist destination and cultural center points. Likewise, in 1962, the Chamber’s Harbor Committee helped pass legislation that would ultimately help complete the construction of the Coronado Bay Bridge in 1969.

Today, the Chamber is the largest nonprofit advocate for the San Diego regional business community. With nearly 3,000 members representing 400,000 employees, the Chamber is actively involved in local government, regional economic development and providing valuable resources to its members.

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